Monday, April 21, 2008

Ugh, Mondays

OK, so I was hopeful that Monday would continue on the good track that Friday ended on and that my classes would get into the swing of things without too much trouble.

Oh, really?

I ended up filling out 9 detention forms for 3 classes. That's just the ones that I filled out and handed to the students, that does not count the additional three or four that I have pinned to the wall ready for use the rest of the week. Nor does it count the ones I plan on filling out tomorrow because I ran out of time today. I could literally send 12 kids to detention without blinking an eye.

All because they can't stop flapping their gums. You would think with just 5 weeks or so left in the year they would pay a bit more attention so they don't end up repeating 8th grade or taking summer school but I guess summer school is more fun than swimming all day...

Silly me...

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