Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Class has been odd this week, although I think that rearranging seats in 1st period and in 6th (again) is helping out. So is the absence of a few students who tend to make life hard to myself and the other students. The one thing that really set me off yesterday was that first period didn't stand up at all for the pledge. Since when is that OK in my room? You can probably guess how I handled that situation. Needless to say today they all stood up at once when it came on the TV.

I also think that not using the overhead projector seems to be helping as well since they can't sleep with the lights on. I've also been getting my observation hours done. I'm well on my way for secondary and done with special ed. Now I have to do my ELL ones. I do think that the students have realized I make them work because they've started to ask when their regular teacher is coming back (April 28) and a few kids are looking forward to that date. What I didn't tell them is that she may not come back at all this year (Insert evil laugh) so they may be stuck with me until June. I can't wait for the interim tests to be done with so I can get back to the regular schedule of teaching math.

Speaking of observation, being in an English room has really sparked my enthusiasm for my chosen subject again. I am going to ask him if I can teach a lesson, especially since Wednesdays are specifically for writing and that is one thing I really enjoy teaching. Speaking of teaching (wow what a cool segue) I'm closing in on my teaching degree. My main sticking point is that one class is not offered in the fall when I need to take it and my adviser's suggestion was to take it at UNLV. I am going to take a friends advice and push for an independent study instead. Otherwise I'm screwed for a full semester and I can't do my student teaching until fall of 2009 which screws me for the internship I really want to get. No pressure or anything...

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