Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I hate it with a passion. There are few things lower than a bully in a school environment and I tend to stomp on throats when I find out it's going on. Today it once again reared it's ugly head. Right before 5th period started one of my favorite students came rushing (with tears streaming) in asking to be switched out of my math class. My obvious question was why? It turns out that one of her classmates (who was literally just reinstated today) threatened to beat her up in the very near future. Oh, and they're both in the same math class...

So I send her to her 5th period class after she flat refuses to go to the dean's office to report it and then call the dean's office myself to tell them what's going on and I tell one of the hall monitors as well just to make sure that everyone knows what's going on.

Now I do know that everyone involved was talked to including some witnesses, but until I see the attendance list I won't know if miss bully will be coming to class. My question is how do I handle her if she shows up? I will go talk to the dean's office in the morning to see what they suggest but my natural inclination is to verbally rip her effing throat out for threatening another student.

There is some good news to report though. My current assignment got extended until Memorial Day so I'm set for the next month.

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