Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bring your child to work day

So today was "Bring your child to work day" in the valley and so my daughter got to accompany me to school for the day. She was so excited that she got up early(!) because she thought I may have left without her.

We got to school in plenty of time and she got a tour of the campus and a picture taken next to the cobra monument that is in the quad area. Because I had pushed the chapter quiz back a day she also got to help pass out and collect the homework and even participated in the math battles against other classes. She ended up doing pretty good considering she was going against 7th and 8th graders. She even beat a couple of them. They were a bit embarrassed to have been beaten by a fifth grader to say the least. She even took the multiplication quiz that we do as an opener (she got 49/50 right) and her high score allowed me to tease the kids who got more than one wrong on that quiz as well. (Insert the 'are you smarter than a 5th grader' jokes here)

Everything was fine and dandy until 6th period rolled around. Now even though I had warned them numerous times to sit down and be good when my daughter was there, they were their typical chatty selves. Even though I told them if they acted up I'd make their lives miserable they didn't listen. Even though only half the class was there today they were still a pain in the grade book if you catch my drift. Oh, and I got to hand out two detentions today as well. One in 6th and one in 1st (why can't kids get to school on time?).

So after the quiz tomorrow I get to make 6th period's life miserable. Worksheet city and if they let out a peep, they either get detention or a referral. Good thing I have a bunch made up already...

Yea and 10 out of 25 students are failing in 6th period right now too...

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