Tuesday, April 15, 2008

55 Minutes of Hell

That's what 6th period received today. They got the distinct pleasure of doing their multiplication tables for 55 minutes along with four quizzes that will count for a grade. I made them repeat the 6's three times and then the 9's twice because they were not doing them the way I wanted them to. The very best part was that when they got to the 9s and finished them their spirits began to lift, right until I rewound the overhead back to the 2s and made them start over again from the beginning, and the coup de grace was when I told them that they were not going to be doing posters on Friday because they were doing this instead.

Now I did this for two reasons. The first was because they needed to know that I don't make empty threats, and the second reason is that as a class they are failing and really need to work on their basic math skills. I made the quizzes count because I told them that I would never give them work just to keep them busy, plus I wanted them to take the quizzes seriously, and there's nothing like an impending F for an 8th grader who wants to go to 9th grade to motivate them.

OK, I have to admit I enjoyed making them miserable for a day. I really enjoyed it, but I'm just shallow that way. We'll see if the lesson sticks with the kids who were there today. I had several kids absent who now get to make up the four quizzes. Plus tomorrow I'll just start handing out detentions the second someone gets out of line.

It's Drill Sargent mode until I leave which is the 25th of the month unless the regular teacher decides not to come back.

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