Saturday, April 12, 2008

Out of control

That's what 6th period is rapidly heading for if things don't change and quickly. Friday was not good, and Monday for them is going to be worse. First thing I'm going to do on Tuesday (Monday is a staff development day) is start writing out detentions for about 7 students in that class and then start to hand them out the second they get out of line which should take about 12 seconds. In addition, I asked the registrar for contact information since I don't have access to the software that has it so I can start calling parents and ask them why their child can't behave in my class. I'm also going to start using the referral forms that I have started on with several students to see if that does not get the message across. It's so frustrating because every time they get on the right track someone is there to make sure the class descends into near chaos. I really don't want to go into Drill Sargent mode but I don't seem to have a choice.

Oh, and Tuesday the get to spend the entire period working on multiplication tables since they can't seem to take it seriously for two minutes, I'm hoping that 55 minutes of them will do the trick. Plus they really need the practice. Speaking of practice, they won't be doing the poster project that the other classes will be doing next Friday since I'm going to spend an extra day drilling them on their multiplication tables. Too bad for them but maybe next time they'll take me seriously when I tell them to get busy or else...

But then again, probably not.

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