Wednesday, March 28, 2007


So we have two public figures that have both been re-stricken with cancer. John Edward's wife and Tony Snow.,4670,TonySnowCancerOptional,00.html

Now I hope and pray that both people will be able to treat their cancer. I know that Elizabeth Edwards' cancer looks like it's terminal and Tony's looks like it can be eliminated again. What I find interesting is the outpouring of support for Elizabeth and the rather muted response for Tony. In the hours after Elizabeth's news had broken there were two threads discussing that on wet canvas. It's been 24 hours and nothing about Tony Snow. If I were a cynic I'd say it's because Tony works for Satan, er the President and therefore deserves everything he gets and Elizabeth therefore deserves all the attention she is getting and then some.

Now I've lost a grandmother and an uncle to cancer so I'm not picking sides on this. I feel for both families and wish them the best.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Iran keeps pushing: Updated

The British were in IRAQI waters for crying out loud. This is an act of war in my book anyway.
Let's see what kind of brass Tony Blair is really made of. This reminds me of what Hitler did in the 1930's. England needs to respond and push back, HARD. I don't think this was any sort of an accident. Iran's leader is very smart and knows exactly what is going on and what buttons to push. I'm kind of curious if this has anything to do with Russia pulling most of it's techs and other personnel over a pay dispute with Iran regarding it's nuclear weapons pro---- I mean it's nuclear reactor that is being built for strictly peaceful purposes. What peace, all the little pieces that will be left of Israel? If a democrat gets elected in 08 expect Iran to do this to us. Remember how Carter reacted to the hostages in 79-80. That worked REALLY well.

I have a suggestion for Tony Blair. Call Iran and tell them they have 6 hours to release all the prisoners and equipment or you wipe his military off the face of the earth from the air. And at 6 hours and 1 seconds the bombs start to fall. Do not pull a Spain under any circumstances.

Funny how Iran didn't try this with the USA it would be the excuse we need to crush their nuclear ambitions and wipe out their military, then let the citizens do the rest...

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Update #1:

Well the Iranians are still questioning the British sailors and marines and deciding if they are going to charge them with any crimes. The British to their credit are not taking this lying down. I have a feeling that behind the diplomatic and public posturing etc., the Brits have a plan B as in Bomb... I certainly hope so anyway. Iran needs to see they cannot get away with things like this. If it were the French I'd have a completely different opinion.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Duke Case Dropped

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Finally, this sad chapter is over.,2933,260426,00.html

I have said this over and over (just not on this blog) that Nifong needs to be disbarred. He has ruined the lives of three families and made a mockery of the justice system. Normally I am not a big fan of lawsuits, but this is a big exception. Not only the DA's office needs to get slapped, but Duke, the gang of 88 and the stripper, whose kids should be taken away and placed in a better home than the one she is providing. All of them need to be brought into court and have their actions or lack thereof brought into the light for all to see.

I'd also like to recognize La Shawn Barber for keeping people updated with her blog and links to even more information on this travesty.

Update: Ok it was a bit premature but it is really over. At least this part is. Nifong is fighting for his job and I see lawsuits on the horizon coming from the three victims...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Tigger Gets Student Suspended... Seriously

Yea, ummmm what can I add to this? I understand dress codes and why they exist. But Tigger? What, does he tempt students into bouncing into Rabbit's garden and threaten to trample his crops? Or bounce into Pooh Bear and interrupt his never ending hunny er honey quest? You have GOT to be kidding me. If common sense is so flipping common then why doesn't anybody USE IT??? Doesn't the school district have anything better to do like kowtow to the NEA or something?


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The End of Religious Freedom · Updated!

Don't look so surprised.

The assault on religious freedom has reached a new high, or low depending on your viewpoint. Now England wants to outlaw Christian Schools from teaching about sexuality from a biblical viewpoint. What did we expect from across the pond anyway?

Western Europe has been becoming more and more secular, when that happens, religious freedom becomes something that is now subject to the whims of governments. And in England that means that you can no longer legally practice your religion like you have for the last several hundred years.

Those that continually call for tolerance from people of faith are finally showing their true colors and that the only thing they tolerate are views that are in lock step with theirs. All others are intolerant, homophobic, an assault on women's rights etc. Expect laws like this to spread throughout Europe, which will make life very interesting for countries like France that have large Muslim populations and who find homosexuality abhorrent to the point where you can get killed for your sexual preferences. I doubt seriously that the Muslims will go quietly into the night on this one and that will probably give the fanatics even more traction in their war against the west.

The USA is next on the list and I doubt even the First Amendment will be enough to protect people of faith. Of course they'll go after the Christians first, then once they've been made irrelevant then the 'minority' religions are next in line. After all they must be treated the same right? That's the reasoning they will use.

If you're a person of faith, be it Jewish, Islamic, Christian or whatever...

Be afraid, be very afraid...

Update #1 3/21/2007
Et, tu Brutus?,7340,L-3376215,00.html
Now this I thought I'd never see. Now it's not only illegal to convert Muslims in the Middle East but now Israel is off limits? As it stands you can't convert anyone under the age of 18 in Israel now they want to make all Israelis off limits. Huh? Maybe we need to take a hard look at our so called ally. Needless to say I am surprised and disappointed in Israel for this policy.

Credit to Alex
(A fine blog in it's own right)

Monday, March 19, 2007

Tolerance is a one way street

Yea, I love this stuff... As a Christian I'm the one who is supposed to bend over backwards to be tolerant of ALL sorts of stuff, abortion, TV, music, movies etc...

And then I see crap like this.

"Everyone, forgive me for being such a posting hog but honestly, I just had to get at least ONE star under my name! Plus, I'm gone all next week on business and won't be able to post much. Thank you for your kindness and patience.RETAIL THERAPY is here and Hobby Lobby knew I was getting paid today! You are NOT going to believe this incredible deal. I have to shop quickly in Hobby Lobby because they constantly play that annoying Church music and if I stay too long, I'll burst into flames! Seriously... like garlic to Vampire.. Blessed Assurance Jesus is calling ... ~Whoof!~ Somebody, get a bucket of water! He's in the linen section and the whole store is gonna go! "What a world... What a Cruel World, I'm melting..." What was I talking about? "

Yea, and yet those who hate Christians can just post this stuff and go on their merry way. What if I had posted something like this about the gay community or about Islam? How long before the torches and the pitchforks are out? And yet Christians and conservatives are intolerant? See this is what really makes me mad. I'm still debating about responding and pointing out how nasty that post really is. I'm not sure it will be worth the effort though so I may let this one go. Then again maybe not.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Catholic Church raises money to build a what?

WTF? Sorry, not getting it. If you believe you're the one true faith then why the flizz do you help build a place of worship for a faith you consider false and wrong? I'm all for freedom of religion. You're Christian? Jewish? Muslim? Hindu, etc? Fine, no problem. You want to worship sports, money, sex, power the oak tree in your back yard? Enjoy. But this is wrong. Very wrong. I have no problem with community projects that people of different faiths can participate in together, it breaks down the ignorance and hatred, I'm all for that. You want to have celebrations and have people from different faiths participate? Be my guest. But I don't get raising money for what is a totally different religion and faith.

Are European Christians so weak in their faith that they're willing to embrace another faith in this way? Is the spiritual vacuum that great in Western Europe?

What am I missing folks?

Credit to KCC and their fine commenters for the news story...

Here's A Novel Thought in Education...,2933,258891,00.html?sPage=fnc.national/education

Hey let's try raising standards for kids instead of dumbing them down. The gist of the article is that a 'D' is no longer good enough to pass and now the same district wants to do the same for 'C' grades, so that if you want to pass you need at least a 'B' to do so. As a future teacher, I fully support the D=F grading policy, the bare minimum should not warrant you passing the class. But I don't know if this is going to far or not. Kids are better at some things than at others. Some excel in math and struggle to get a C in English or History and the other way around. I was one of those kids who could do well in English and History and I readily admit I suck at math and science. I was thrilled my senior year to get a C in my Algebra II class, and to say that's not good enough sticks in my craw a bit. There is a big difference between a 'D' and a 'C' after all. But to say a 'D' is not good enough makes me want to cheer and dance. (Be lucky you can't see me dance!)

And then, this gem is doing the opposite.,2933,252949,00.html?sPage=fnc.national/education

C'mon folks, this is America and we speak English here. I know how hard the language is to master, I am studying to become an English teacher myself and I can't master commas to save my life. But NCLB has been in place for a long time and school have had more than enough time to adapt to it. Too late to come with hat in hand begging for a reprieve. And we wonder why our schools lag? I know that many students are ESL but NCLB became law in 2002 and schools have had 5 years to get this kind of thing done and come up with appropriate substitute tests for ESL students...

Sheesh... Expect nothing get nothing, expect more get more, how hard is that to understand?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Line in the Sand

For many of it's failings the Catholic Church has stood firm on many issues, some I agree with and some I don't. The main one I have a problem with is the whole divorce issue. I don't understand the RC stand on this issue, especially if one spouse walks out on the other one. At that point the marriage is over, and unless the RC Church has an efficient means of annulling such marriages they do themselves and their parishioners a great dis-service.

It's one thing if you do the walking out for no good reason, or because you found a young hottie or cabana boy. At that point I totally agree with the RC church that you've sinned against God and need to make it right. I totally agree that if the marriage can be saved every effort needs to be made to make the marriage work. I know that marriages go through rough patches. I've been married for almost 14 years, and we've had some VERY rough patches, but we worked through it, and our marriage is stronger than ever.

It's a totally different scenario if one spouse is addicted to drugs, or is abusing the spouse or kids. That happens more often than not and it's not fair to punish one for the sins of the other. Your husband is raping your kids and abusing you? Too bad stay married is the message the Church is sending and that is very very wrong.

Friday, March 09, 2007

A clear double standard

On there was a discussion about the Christophobia label and if it applies in the USA. Judging from stories like this, I'd say there is a clear double standard at work in this country regarding the first amendment.

In short, it's OK to indoctrinate kids into becoming muslims in public schools as long as you don't do it with Christianity. I'm sure this was done under the banner of multiculturalism but that's a load of horsepucky. There are tons of ways to teach Islam without forcing them to become Muslims for three weeks. I mean what if they did this with Christians? The ACLU etc would be all over this like white on rice. But hey it's OK if it's Islam... What did I miss? Where is the MSM screaming about the first amendment?

Then there is this gem also from California...

Parents pay for an ad that mentions God and the school takes the word God out. I'd be willing to be had it been Allah, or Goddess etc., no problem...

The message is clear all faiths but Christianity are welcome in the public square. Ever wonder why Christians get so worked up? This is why...

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Why do I even bother?

What really makes me mad are militants of any stripe, who are so blinded by their cause that their way is the only way and when you attempt to reason with them you get attack after attack after attack.

"Originally Posted by Person A
Person B: This country cannot work for anyone if it is convoluted into a 'mob rules' tool.Your saying that the group you don't agree with is a "mob"? Where are thugs? Where are the baseball bats like the ones used against the unions that were trying to vote in the 60's? Where are the police dogs and mob intimidation used against blacks in the 60's when we wanted to vote? I don't see the "mobs" from the Conservative Political Action Conference. Where are they blocking the doors to prevent you from registering to vote? Where are they stopping you from voting? Looking forward to seeing the Proof of your allegations. Disagreeing with another group doesn't make them a "mob" ]

And her Reply: {Then you probably don't see us in Iraq either, or notice no WMD were found. But that doesn't change the reality of the situation. Mobs can be groups of radical christians who opened up their church doors to Bush in order to get more of a foothold in our federal government through the appointments of actual activist" judges to the Federal courts, also leading to the appointment of radical christians in positions of administration over federal science agencies, who have actually tried to change science by banning the revelation of research paid for by our own tax dollars."Mob", for the 'family-centric' man of color, will be laws telling his wife and daughter what they will and will not do, no matter how much you love them or what you think."}

Nice huh? You can't reason with people like this, don't know why I bother...

Friday, March 02, 2007

Travesty at Walter Reed Hospital

We send off our young men and women to far off places to risk their lives so we can remain free. The least we can do is to properly care for them when they are injured and maimed in the line of duty. Sadly that's not what is happening. Walter Reed hospital is supposed to be careing for those soldiers and rehabbing them so they can have the best shot possible for the rest of their lives. Instead we treat them like dirt. At least the general in charge got canned and the President is setting up a bi-partisan panel to investigate this travesty.

I included a link to the story and links to contact your Senator, Congressmen, the President and VP to let them know this will not stand. We owe these brave men and women everything, good medical care should be the LEAST we can do for them.