Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Why do I even bother?

What really makes me mad are militants of any stripe, who are so blinded by their cause that their way is the only way and when you attempt to reason with them you get attack after attack after attack.

"Originally Posted by Person A
Person B: This country cannot work for anyone if it is convoluted into a 'mob rules' tool.Your saying that the group you don't agree with is a "mob"? Where are thugs? Where are the baseball bats like the ones used against the unions that were trying to vote in the 60's? Where are the police dogs and mob intimidation used against blacks in the 60's when we wanted to vote? I don't see the "mobs" from the Conservative Political Action Conference. Where are they blocking the doors to prevent you from registering to vote? Where are they stopping you from voting? Looking forward to seeing the Proof of your allegations. Disagreeing with another group doesn't make them a "mob" ]

And her Reply: {Then you probably don't see us in Iraq either, or notice no WMD were found. But that doesn't change the reality of the situation. Mobs can be groups of radical christians who opened up their church doors to Bush in order to get more of a foothold in our federal government through the appointments of actual activist" judges to the Federal courts, also leading to the appointment of radical christians in positions of administration over federal science agencies, who have actually tried to change science by banning the revelation of research paid for by our own tax dollars."Mob", for the 'family-centric' man of color, will be laws telling his wife and daughter what they will and will not do, no matter how much you love them or what you think."}

Nice huh? You can't reason with people like this, don't know why I bother...