Friday, March 23, 2007

Iran keeps pushing: Updated

The British were in IRAQI waters for crying out loud. This is an act of war in my book anyway.
Let's see what kind of brass Tony Blair is really made of. This reminds me of what Hitler did in the 1930's. England needs to respond and push back, HARD. I don't think this was any sort of an accident. Iran's leader is very smart and knows exactly what is going on and what buttons to push. I'm kind of curious if this has anything to do with Russia pulling most of it's techs and other personnel over a pay dispute with Iran regarding it's nuclear weapons pro---- I mean it's nuclear reactor that is being built for strictly peaceful purposes. What peace, all the little pieces that will be left of Israel? If a democrat gets elected in 08 expect Iran to do this to us. Remember how Carter reacted to the hostages in 79-80. That worked REALLY well.

I have a suggestion for Tony Blair. Call Iran and tell them they have 6 hours to release all the prisoners and equipment or you wipe his military off the face of the earth from the air. And at 6 hours and 1 seconds the bombs start to fall. Do not pull a Spain under any circumstances.

Funny how Iran didn't try this with the USA it would be the excuse we need to crush their nuclear ambitions and wipe out their military, then let the citizens do the rest...

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Update #1:

Well the Iranians are still questioning the British sailors and marines and deciding if they are going to charge them with any crimes. The British to their credit are not taking this lying down. I have a feeling that behind the diplomatic and public posturing etc., the Brits have a plan B as in Bomb... I certainly hope so anyway. Iran needs to see they cannot get away with things like this. If it were the French I'd have a completely different opinion.