Wednesday, March 28, 2007


So we have two public figures that have both been re-stricken with cancer. John Edward's wife and Tony Snow.,4670,TonySnowCancerOptional,00.html

Now I hope and pray that both people will be able to treat their cancer. I know that Elizabeth Edwards' cancer looks like it's terminal and Tony's looks like it can be eliminated again. What I find interesting is the outpouring of support for Elizabeth and the rather muted response for Tony. In the hours after Elizabeth's news had broken there were two threads discussing that on wet canvas. It's been 24 hours and nothing about Tony Snow. If I were a cynic I'd say it's because Tony works for Satan, er the President and therefore deserves everything he gets and Elizabeth therefore deserves all the attention she is getting and then some.

Now I've lost a grandmother and an uncle to cancer so I'm not picking sides on this. I feel for both families and wish them the best.