Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The End of Religious Freedom · Updated!


Don't look so surprised.

The assault on religious freedom has reached a new high, or low depending on your viewpoint. Now England wants to outlaw Christian Schools from teaching about sexuality from a biblical viewpoint. What did we expect from across the pond anyway?

Western Europe has been becoming more and more secular, when that happens, religious freedom becomes something that is now subject to the whims of governments. And in England that means that you can no longer legally practice your religion like you have for the last several hundred years.

Those that continually call for tolerance from people of faith are finally showing their true colors and that the only thing they tolerate are views that are in lock step with theirs. All others are intolerant, homophobic, an assault on women's rights etc. Expect laws like this to spread throughout Europe, which will make life very interesting for countries like France that have large Muslim populations and who find homosexuality abhorrent to the point where you can get killed for your sexual preferences. I doubt seriously that the Muslims will go quietly into the night on this one and that will probably give the fanatics even more traction in their war against the west.

The USA is next on the list and I doubt even the First Amendment will be enough to protect people of faith. Of course they'll go after the Christians first, then once they've been made irrelevant then the 'minority' religions are next in line. After all they must be treated the same right? That's the reasoning they will use.

If you're a person of faith, be it Jewish, Islamic, Christian or whatever...

Be afraid, be very afraid...

Update #1 3/21/2007
Et, tu Brutus?
Now this I thought I'd never see. Now it's not only illegal to convert Muslims in the Middle East but now Israel is off limits? As it stands you can't convert anyone under the age of 18 in Israel now they want to make all Israelis off limits. Huh? Maybe we need to take a hard look at our so called ally. Needless to say I am surprised and disappointed in Israel for this policy.

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