Friday, March 16, 2007

Catholic Church raises money to build a what?

WTF? Sorry, not getting it. If you believe you're the one true faith then why the flizz do you help build a place of worship for a faith you consider false and wrong? I'm all for freedom of religion. You're Christian? Jewish? Muslim? Hindu, etc? Fine, no problem. You want to worship sports, money, sex, power the oak tree in your back yard? Enjoy. But this is wrong. Very wrong. I have no problem with community projects that people of different faiths can participate in together, it breaks down the ignorance and hatred, I'm all for that. You want to have celebrations and have people from different faiths participate? Be my guest. But I don't get raising money for what is a totally different religion and faith.

Are European Christians so weak in their faith that they're willing to embrace another faith in this way? Is the spiritual vacuum that great in Western Europe?

What am I missing folks?

Credit to KCC and their fine commenters for the news story...