Monday, March 19, 2007

Tolerance is a one way street

Yea, I love this stuff... As a Christian I'm the one who is supposed to bend over backwards to be tolerant of ALL sorts of stuff, abortion, TV, music, movies etc...

And then I see crap like this.

"Everyone, forgive me for being such a posting hog but honestly, I just had to get at least ONE star under my name! Plus, I'm gone all next week on business and won't be able to post much. Thank you for your kindness and patience.RETAIL THERAPY is here and Hobby Lobby knew I was getting paid today! You are NOT going to believe this incredible deal. I have to shop quickly in Hobby Lobby because they constantly play that annoying Church music and if I stay too long, I'll burst into flames! Seriously... like garlic to Vampire.. Blessed Assurance Jesus is calling ... ~Whoof!~ Somebody, get a bucket of water! He's in the linen section and the whole store is gonna go! "What a world... What a Cruel World, I'm melting..." What was I talking about? "

Yea, and yet those who hate Christians can just post this stuff and go on their merry way. What if I had posted something like this about the gay community or about Islam? How long before the torches and the pitchforks are out? And yet Christians and conservatives are intolerant? See this is what really makes me mad. I'm still debating about responding and pointing out how nasty that post really is. I'm not sure it will be worth the effort though so I may let this one go. Then again maybe not.