Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Reaching my limit

I think I am reaching my limit with some of my students. I am starting to snap at them when they don't deserve it and even when they do I've been blowing out of proportion. I can see why teachers look forward to summer so much. You invest so much of yourself in them and in getting them ready for the next grade that it takes a total toll on you. And I'm not just talking a physical toll, it takes an emotional and spiritual toll as well, and it takes time to restore your mind body and soul for the next school year.

That being said, I did do the right thing today by removing a student from my class who decided that he needed to be the center of attention, again. You know the type if you're a teacher or around kids. He makes a production out of EVERYTHING! It takes 15 seconds to get a pencil, getting paper out of his binder is at least 90 seconds and there is a soundtrack for everything just to make sure all eyes are on him. Now I've talked to him more than once about this, in fact I reminded him of the conversation from Monday which he says we never had. Needless to say he was very shocked when I sent him next door for the last 40 minutes of the period and everyone else got the hint and we actually got to have a real class today. Tomorrow if he repeats this behavior he's off to the dean.

In addition I am prepping like crazy for the final I have not written yet, and needs to be approved by the administration. And the district decided that finals need to cover 3 days and not two days. In a way it makes sense because May 30 is locker clean out day and they are not allowed backpacks or any sort of large bag the last three days of class. Should be interesting!

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