Friday, May 23, 2008

Good news for a change

No, 6th period didn't change their ways, it's too late for that, but we can always hope can't we? The good news is about a student of mine who trusted me enough to talk to me and then follow through with my advice.

JS came to me Tuesday after school with tears in her eyes and the look on her face that said "HELP ME" louder than any words could. After getting her calmed down I was able to pull (as in pulling teeth) out what was behind those tears. It turns out that on top of the usual 8th grade drama, she was failing her geography class and her teacher was on her case about it and to boot she had to do a report on a specific country that she had not started yet that was due Friday. To say she was overwhelmed was a bit of an understatement. So I asked her to give me her assignment packet so I could look at it to maybe give her a bit of direction. Once I had an idea of what the teacher was looking for I asked her if she had a computer or internet access, which she didn't. (This school is not in a good part of town so I was not too surprised)

So I went to the CIA world fact book website and printed out the information for her to use so she could finish her big project. In addition, I let her come during my prep period to work on this project on Wednesday and Thursday because they were just watching movies in her choir class. And I told the Special Education Coordinator what was going on (she has an IEP) and she allowed JS to come see her 3rd period today so she could finish her project before 6th period.

She bounced into my classroom this afternoon to tell me that not only did she get a 79% on her project, but that she would now pass her geography class.

And THAT is why I became a teacher.

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