Thursday, May 08, 2008


Something that 8th graders have down cold. I had a student of mine who didn't like the score that he got on an assignment. Now that's great that he cared enough to look at his grade and realize that something was wrong, I like it when students care. The way he decided to handle it was totally out of line. Instead of waiting until I would have the students work on their assignments during the last part of the class, he decides that this absolutely cannot wait and he interrupts me while I am trying to explain a new concept to the class. I explained to him that now was not the right time and that I would look at his assignment later during the class and told him quite firmly to sit down, which he did but not in his assigned seat. I then restart the lecture and not 60 seconds go by when he gets up, goes all the way around the back of the room to my desk where he then starts talking to my aide about this same assignment.

You can guess my reaction. I stopped the entire class and read him the riot act, I told him how rude and disrespectful he was by demanding that his problem be taken care of now. That his actions were disrespectful both to me and to everyone else in class, and that if he ever pulled a stunt like that again, I'd send him to the dean's office so fast his head would spin. I then told him to sit in his seat and not get out of it until the bell rang.

Well he was OK for the rest of the class, and yesterday I pulled him aside and explained in detail why I was so upset with his behaivor and told him when I started grading papers his would be first in line, which it was. He was better today except for the fact he did not want to sit in his assigned seat, I had to tell him three times to sit where I placed him. If he does that today I will give him two days of detention to make my point.

We'll see, I think he'll get the point, he's a smart kid who would get all A's if he would stay quiet.

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