Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Should we forgive and forget? by Vegas Art Guy

Now that Mike Vick has pled guilty and will soon be sentenced to 1-2 years in the big house. The question is do we forgive and forget once he's done his time.

I posed the same question here on Wet Canvas. So far the answer on the poll is split between hell no and it depends on what he does after he gets out. Keep in mind that the NFL may ban him for life for his role in this dog fighting ring. Most likely he'll get at least a one year suspension at which point he'll probably get a shot a resuming his career. This suspension will take place after he gets out so it could be 3 years before Vick even gets a shot at playing in the NFL. I don't know about the Arena League or the CFL.

Look, Vick is now a felon, but at some point he should be able to try to make something of his life. One of the reasons why so many convicts go back to prison is that we don't forgive and forget, especially in the business world. If we want people to not go back to jail then at some point we need to let them start over.

Obviously some people need to be separated from society, pedophiles, serial rapists, etc. can't be rehabilitated. But for the people who did something really dumb or were feeding an addiction we need to be able to forgive and forget.