Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Sexual Harrasment and Gay Pride by Vegas Art Guy

Saw this story via the Point Blog. Now I don't have a problem with the San Diego Fire Department having an engine in the parade. That's all fine and dandy, this is America after all. What I do mind is the fact that these men were forced to be there against their wishes. I'd be willing to bet that some willing volunteers could have been found to march in the parade and drive the truck. Instead these men were forced via a direct order to march in the Parade against their wishes.

These same firefighters filed a sexual harassment complaint (warning graphic language) and rightfully so. A hostile work enviornment is a hostile work enviornment.

Finally I have to say that the Christian protesters at this event need to get reminded of the faith they claim to have. Telling these same firefighters that they're going to burn in hell for marching in the parade is just asinine. Romans 12:18 anyone?