Friday, August 10, 2007

Arming Teachers in Las Vegas by Vegas Art Guy

The Las Vegas Sun had an interesting article dealing with arming teachers. This new idea revolves around making some teachers at all levels (kindergarten through college) reserve police officers capable of bearing arms while in the classroom. This proposal is different than the one that Bob Beers had to allow teachers to carry concealed weapons in the classroom after they had done 40 hours of training. (I was also in favor of that)

As the article states:

"To become reserve campus police officers, teachers would have to pass a physical and psychological evaluation, as well as a comprehensive background check. Those who make it through the selection process would have to pay about $1,190 for classes at the community college's Law Enforcement Training Academy, including "Firearms I & II" "Defensive Tactics/Physical Training" and "Introduction to Juvenile Justice." An additional $1,000 would be required for the academy uniforms and equipment.

After completing the training, teachers would be responsible for $1,500 in uniform and equipment costs, although their guns would be provided by the school police department. School districts would then have to pay the auxiliary officers $3,000 annually. "

Now I'd be willing to be there are some veterans and former police officers who would be willing to pitch in and help if this were passed. Personally I think it's a great idea that deserves serious consideration, if we truly value our kids and their ability to get an education then providing a secure environment for them should be part and parcel of the deal. This goes double for inner city schools and colleges that are in bad parts of town like San Jose State or USC. Imagine if there had been a couple of officers at VA Tech when that shooting occurred, think the death toll would have been a bit lower?

Our kids and our teachers deserve better security than they get now, anything that will improve that without breaking the bank should be implemented and the sooner the better.