Tuesday, August 14, 2007

More Mike Vick by Vegas Art Guy

Things are now really getting interesting in the Mike Vick dogfighting case. The first bit of news is that the NFL has not made a decision despite all the rumours swirling around the offices in New York City. I'm sure the commissioner will make a decision and soon. Judging from the suspensions that he has handed out this year, expect Vick to face a long suspension, possibly the entire season for violating the good conduct policy that is standard fare in all NFL contracts.

The more interesting part is that the feds are offering Vick a plea deal and that his other two co-defendants are now going to testify against him. Vick has until Friday to agree or the feds are going to file additional charges against him. Ouch, the noose really is starting to tighten around him.

I've blogged on this case here and here chronicling the fall of this once great player.