Friday, August 03, 2007

More Problems for Mike Vick by Vegas Art Guy

Fair warning... This is one story I will cover on a regular basis so expect to see plenty of Mike Vick as new information becomes relevant.

Mike Vick's troubles with the law continue. After getting indicted on 16 charges for dog fighting, one of his co-defendants has decided to testify against him. In addition, the NFL has suspended him for violating the good conduct policy that is a standard part of all contracts pending the outcome of their investigation and the outcome of the legal proceedings.

In addition Rawlings has ended its relationship with Vick, as has Upper Deck, Donruss and Reebok. Simply the fact that he's associated with the underground culture of dogfighting was enough to make those companies disassociate themselves with Vick.

Now Mike still has his supporters. The NAACP has urged restraint reminding people (correctly) that he is innocent until proven guilty. This view I happen to agree with, especially considering other high profile cases (Kobe Bryant and Duke) where there was a rush to judgement before all the facts were in.

Micheal Irvin is also supporting Vick and does not like the fact that he cannot attend camp saying that when he went through his own legal troubles that football was his only refuge. Not to pick nits here Mikey boy, but having a drug problem is one thing, most people can identify with an addiction at some level, but dog fighting is a totally different animal if you will. Most clear thinking people can't identify with a sport that reeks of brutality and death like they can with someone fighting a drug addiction.

And we can't forget Neon Deion Sanders who wrote a column that he probably should not have. I have a question for Mr. Sanders... How exactly are we using Mike Vick? He is getting his day in court just like every other defendant. He's not the only guy ever busted for this but he's also a public figure and he and his handlers should have known better.

Mike's troubles are just beginning, stay tuned this is going to be a very interesting case to follow.