Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Well, I got traded to the middle school of the super cool prep school. There was a mix up in the beginning of the week and the HS had one apprentice too many and the middle school didn't have anyone. And while I'm disappointed that I won't be in the HS, the staff and principal of the middle school made me feel very welcome. So, long story short I'm now a 6th grade literature and reading teacher as well as doing a bit of math. The nice thing is that I'll be able to do 7th and 8th grade English as well. The teacher I'm working with is very nice and is happy to have me. He did make the mistake of letting me bring a few (2 inch stack) things in for him to look at. He wants to do 'Of Mice & Men' and I just happened to have a couple of things for that book as well.

I can't wait to start teaching again.

On a side note, my four year old son was watching the US Vs. Angola basketball game chanting USA USA USA!, as we pummeled Angola by 20 odd points...