Sunday, August 10, 2008

I like this better

As much as I would LOVE to take credit for it I can't. I found it here.

McCain was not my first choice for the GOP, actually I had not made up my mind who to support when McCain clinched the nomination, but as the race has gone on, I've strengthened my support for McCain. I know his campaign has been understated but when the opposition is self destructing, why not just them do your work for you?

In other news, I finally had Karlana and her family over for dinner (ribs, twice baked potatoes and salad) last night. It was nice to finally repay her for getting me the two long term assignments during last year. We had a great time and she told me she got a job on Friday at the middle school she subbed at the most. So starting in a couple of weeks, she'll be teaching 7th English, and those kids don't know how lucky they are to have her. She has the perfect temperament for teaching 7th graders, who are either angels or demon spawn depending on the amount of hormones raging through their bodies at the moment.

Tomorrow I start my orientation week at the super cool prep school. I am so excited to get back in the classroom it's not funny.