Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I'm not giving you my IPod!

The hell you're not!

OK I didn't say it, but it was literally at the tip of my tongue. I was taking my class to the cafeteria so they could start the preregistration for next year when I noticed a student doing the '1 earplug' thing thinking that I would not notice.

Keep in mind that not 2 minutes before I told the class that I do pay attention and that the first time I warn you to put it away and then I take it. If you're cool about it, you get it back at the end of the period. If you're a jackass about it it goes to the dean's office.

So the kid takes it out for all of 12 seconds and puts it back it. I tell him again to lose the earplugs and he ignores me. That's mistake #1, I then tell him to hand it over and he tells me that I'm not going to get his iPod. That's mistake #2. I get in front of him face to face and I tell him he can either give me the iPod or he goes to the dean and can give one of them the iPod. "I don't care, I'm not giving you my iPoid!" is his reply. Yep, strike three... I then personally escort this jackass to the dean's office and tell the secretary that he refuses to give up his iPod. The secretary then asks for it and Brainiac still won't give in, driving yet another nail in his coffin. Just then a dean walks by and she tells him what is going on and the dean holds out his hand and asks for the music player. And this time he not only refuses he tells the dean to call his dad and that he's not giving up his iPod... That would be the final nail in his coffin. He got RPCd for that one. I went back during my prep period and filled out the referral making sure that it mentioned his refusal to give it up to the dean, his secretary and last but not least to me.

Normally I'm not nasty and most kids get the hint and put the phones etc., away when I ask them to. But you break rule 3c (respect me) and you get the evil Mr. "L", and I don't do disrespect from a teenager.