Friday, January 18, 2008

It's the Shirt...

So I'm subbing at a middle school on Monday and because it's cold (for Vegas) I decided to wear my Northern Michigan University sweatshirt since it's warm and uber comfortable. One of the deans sees my shirt and strikes up a conversation with me about my shirt and Michigan in general. She asks me what class I'm subbing for and if I was ever interested in long term assignments. Silly question that one was. I reply that yes I was interested in long term assignments and that I missed the opportunity to really teach since my last one ended in December. So they take my sub number down and tell me that they'll put me on the list to call when they have openings and we part ways.

As I was looking for work last night for today and Tuesday a one day assignment pops up at that same school. I take it and today I get approached by the principal for a long term assignment teaching robotics. Now robotics is not my specialty, but the curriculum is already in place and since I know some basics about robotics I figured that I'd be able to handle the job. Plus because robotics is part of the magnet program, chances are that I won't have too many meat heads in my classroom to deal with. There will always be a few, but while the smart kids are chatty like everyone else, they are also very driven to succeed so I know that I'll get kids who actually want to be there and I'll be learning right along with them, and I love to learn. Finally they also seem to be good with me doing observation hours during my prep period for Nevada State College.

Now I've heard that it's what and who you know that will get you jobs, but what you wear? Heck I wore it because it was 40 degrees and that is one warm piece of clothing. Not to get a job, but I'll take it!