Monday, June 18, 2007

Well, we sold the jeep

Honestly? I have mixed feelings about this. Our old Jeep Renegade was sold on Friday for $1500.00... It was old, needed serious interior work, had no A/C and our family was too big for it.


That jeep had been with us since before we were married. For 17 years it's been a part of the family, and when you took the top and doors off, it was a blast, even in the summer. It was great for going off the beaten path, and let's face it... It's a JEEP, if you don't have one or never had one, you'll never understand, It's a jeep thing.

I'm seriously considering getting another one after I start teaching, but this time I'll opt for the A/C, especially if we stay in the desert, I've had enough of 115 and no A/C thank you very much! Plus now they have a 4 door Wrangler! Yea BABY!