Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Un-Fairness Doctrine by The Vegas Art Guy

H/T: Sister Toldjah (she rocks!)

The fairness doctrine, consigned to the dustbin of history in 1987 is again in the news. The democrats, tired of the domination of conservatives in AM talk radio are trying to "balance the content" by law because they can't get on the air by actually having interesting hosts with interesting content. The first rule of talk radio is this... You better be interesting, if you're dull, you're gone.

Balance the content my asinine. This is censorship pure and simple. The doctrine was needed 50 years ago when the average person only had a few means of receiving both news and opinion. But today it's not needed. Go look at the election of 2006 if you want proof. Last I checked the GOP got their butts kicked and rightfully so. If the left were unable to get their message across about how 'corrupt' the GOP is, and how they were going to 'drain the swamp', (how's that going anyway?) why did they win so handily? Pure luck?

Why should a successful radio personality lose their job because of some asinine mandate that says a liberal needs equal time? It's not like the left has newspapers, broadcast networks, the Internet or cable news to fall back on. This is nothing more than another naked power grab by the democrats, who once again have proven that they'll stoop to any level to take and maintain their power.