Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Winston Churchill

I've been reading a biography on Winston Churchill, and all I can say is WOW. I truly believe that he was meant to live and lead in that period of history. Here are a few highlights...

He fought in S. Africa, was captured and escaped.
He recognized the importance of air power in combat before the start of WWI.
He fought in WWI on the front lines and was in charge of producing war material until the end of the war and was head of the Royal Navy in 1914 and 1915...
He recognized that neither pure capitalism nor socialism would work in a modern society, that a mix of the two were needed, and worked to expand worker's rights and to set up machinery to settle labor disputes without violence.
He saw the evil of Communism and Nazi Germany before most others in Europe or the USA.
He held several major positions in government before becoming Prime Minister.
That's just a start. In short this was a man for the ages, I think he would be pleased to see the cooperation that Tony Blair had with George Bush in the war on terror.

This is just a short list up to the 1930's.