Thursday, May 03, 2007

Three Martyrs and their last hours

Details are starting to come out about the final hours of the three murdered Christians in Turkey. Not only was this brutal crime planned well in advance but the victims were stabbed numerous times and the killings were methodical and ritualized. The killers seemed to be following instructions from the Koran as follows below.

"The distinctively ritual manner of the murder, particularly the slicing of fingertips, is convincing observers of the consciously religious motivation of the assassins. The perpetrators seem to have been following the instructions of Sure 8:12, from the Koran. There it says (in the Rudi Paret German translation of the Koran), “I will strike terror into the hearts of unbelievers. Flay their necks (with a sword) and strike every finger.” The last half of the sentence is translated in even more striking terms in some versions. In the Rassoul and Zaidan translation it says, “chop off every finger;” the Azhar and Ahmadeyya translation says, “chop off every finger tip.”

This is the face of evil, make no mistake about it. They were killed to send a message that only Islam would be tolerated in Turkey. And if any were foolish enough to worship anyone or anything other than Allah that they would meet the same fate. And yet we hear nothing from the MSM, guess they're too busy making sure that we fail in Iraq and that the President's last two years in office are a living hell. Of course they probably think that those evil Christians deserved their fate.

HT The Point Blog