Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day Fun

First I want to wish all mom's out there a happy if slightly belated Mother's Day. You can't get enough kudos for everything you do. Now, I want to tell you what Mother's Day was like at my house.

Travel in the not-so-way-back machine to Saturday the 12th of May. My daughter and I were out to get those all important gifts and cards. After stopping off to get a new fuse for my car so I would know how fast I was going it was off to gift world. Our first stop was Super Wally World to get cards and to pick up a gift certificate at the nail shop so my wife could get a pedicure.

While we were there we also looked for some pipe cleaners and tissue paper so that my daughter could make a special gift. We had no luck on the pipe cleaner or tissue paper, so after we paid for the cards and got the gift certificate, we then went to Payless Shoe Source to get a gift card, and then off to Michael's to get the aforementioned pipe cleaners, tissue paper and also a couple of wooden hearts that she could paint as another gift.

After getting home my daughter headed up stairs to start on the gift making and brought everything up with her so my wife would not find out. And she didn't for about 45 minutes until my daughter asked her if she wanted to see what she was doing... Sigh I really need to train her on the SURPRISE part of gifts... Anyway she then takes everything downstairs to work on.

Forward to Mother's day. I'm up with my son (2 1/2) and assembling the cards and gifts for coloring signing etc. One small problem, I can't find the pedicure certificate. Now my wife is asleep and my son is eating breakfast so I'll go upstairs and look in my daughter's room for the certificate. No luck there either... Now I'm starting to get a bit nervous. I go back downstairs and really start to look everywhere for this certificate. Still nowhere to be found. I then start looking in the garbage thinking that my wife (bit of a neat freak) or my daughter threw the envelope away by mistake. Still nowhere to be found... Now I'm in a total panic. It's 7:30, I have not even started on breakfast for my wife, my daughter has not finished either project and we're missing a gift. I wake her up and grill her about the certificate. She can't remember where it is either. Now at this point I'm resigned to the fact that I ruined Mother's Day. We don't have the $$$ to spare on another certificate nor do I have the time to get another one.

I get my daughter to finish her gifts and we get breakfast made. At 8:30 we surprise my wife with breakfast in bed and give her the gifts we have on hand. I then explain what happened and after a few minutes of discussing this disaster, my wife goes, "Oh a blank envelope? I found one and put it on the filing cabinet...", well what do ya know! It's the certificate! Mother's Day is saved and I'm not sleeping on the couch!

The rest of the day went pretty smoothly, my wife went shopping with her gift card, and I cooked her up a mean steak dinner.

Ah, the best laid plans of men...