Friday, May 18, 2007

Iran's role in Iraq and why it matters...,2933,273474,00.html

I know that people on the left and some on the right like to bang on the US for the problems in Iraq. What they either fail to realize or just don't care about is a small detail in this situation: Iran.

Over the last few months, the suspicion that Iran is shipping weapons and training fighters has become a certainty. I realize that it's easy and lazy to say that the President is to blame for all that is wrong with Iraq, and yes he shares some of the blame. However, people need to wake up to the fact that Iran is working to undo everything that we've fought for in Iraq. Why? A couple of reasons.

The first reason is that Iran fears a stable democratic Iraq. These two countries share a large border and the last thing that Iran wants is a neighboring country that's free. You see Iran is a religious dictatorship. There are no freedoms in Iran, especially for women and for non Muslims. They keep power via brute force and fear. This is all well and good when most of your neighbors run the show the same way, but when there is a beacon of hope next door for your oppressed citizens it is cause for alarm. You don't want them agitating for freedom, because it comes at the expense of the ruling class.

The second reason is that Iran is at war with the US. It's an undeclared war, but it's a war just the same. This war started when Iran seized the US Embassy and keep our citizens hostage for over a year. They regularly aid terror groups around the world. They are the avowed enemy of Israel. They will do anything to hurt and defeat us. Since they're not yet strong enough militarily to confront us (Thank God!) they use groups like Al-Queda and Hezbollah to do their dirty work. They are the part of the militant Muslims that want to convert everyone to Islam by any means necessary.

Their weapons are killing our soldiers and yet we've done nothing so far. The congress and the MSM are too busy trying to turn the country into another Vietnam and the Bush administration has done a horrible job of bringing this to the collective attention of this country. They've done a worse job of confronting Iran about it as well. I think we need to seriously consider aggressive patrols on the Iran Iraq border and consider air strikes against their arms factories if they don't stop. They can't hate us any more and they need to be taught a lesson about messing with the US, this lesson is long overdue, about 30 years overdue.