Monday, February 09, 2009

A Good Administrator

Is worth their weight in gold. Just about any teacher will tell you that as the administration goes, so goes the school. We're very lucky to have an excellent principal at the middle school who cares equally about the welfare of his staff and his students.

He has been helping me the last few days with the issues I've been having with classroom management. Today he sat in class and watched me operate as well as helping students understand the concepts I was trying to teach. He gave me some notes as well as advice to consequences with students who'd rather talk then learn. I can see that I didn't have clear consequences and that I have not been apply them consistently and that has wrought the destruction of a learning environment.

He's also allowing me to visit other classrooms to see how they do things with lessons, planning and management. My co-teacher is totally on board with this as well so I won't have to worry about leaving her in the lurch while I visit other rooms.

I am blessed to have a principal who is willing to take time out of his busy schedule to help me out with my classes, although I feel like I am a worse teacher today than I was in August. Right now I have no confidence in my management abilities and it's causing chaos in the classroom.

Tomorrow is another day and hopefully I can get things under control...