Monday, January 05, 2009


They ended all right! Today was the first day of school after a badly needed two week break. For myself and Karlana it never seemed like it would get here because we were not only teaching full time but we were also full time college students. I had 4 classes and she had 5. To say we were badly in need of a break would be an under statment of gigantic proportions.

I was able to not only relax and recharge, but to do some serious reading as well. I finished three books over the break. Ike, What's so Great About Christianity, and The Haunted Mesa. And I started American Lion, a biography on Andrew Jackson. I also picked up several books at the used bookstore, many of them were for my students, but I did get a collection of poems by Emily Dickinson as well as a couple of Ray Bradbury books.

I didn't even crack my laptop until Sunday night when I finished my poetry unit for the 7th graders, so I stretched out my vacation as long as possible. I don't start my final semester until the end of the month so I still have a couple more college free weeks, which will be nice.