Wednesday, March 05, 2008

6th Period

Update #1: Now they've gone and done it. I handed out three detentions today and then discovered that someone stole the jump drive that was attached to the computer. I have my suspicions and reported the theft to the dean's office, but my chances of seeing it again are slim to none and slim is leaving town on the next bus...

I dislike this class very much. They're rude, chatty and don't work. They're also in for a very rude surprise. After the spit-wad incident a couple of days ago I've been following procedures for discipline. I've talked to the punks er students in question and in several cases I've pre filled out detention forms and referrals. I've also written down when I've talked to students and what they did to deserve some 'special' one on one time and the date that conversation(s) took place.

Tomorrow I am going to find out exactly how the whole detention system works so I don't make any mistakes when I fill my class up with my future inmates er students, or if I send the little hoodlums er students to another room for detention.

In addition I've changed the seating arrangement and highlighted the chatty students on my seating chart so I don't make any mistakes. Lucky for me I have about 6 empty desks to put kids into solitary confinement er separate them so they can concentrate on their work. And given the fact that the class average is about 52% and more than half of them are failing, they really need to buckle down and start learning.

I don't care if they like me or not. But I care very much that they don't respect me as a teacher. And that is going to change weather they like it or not because I am not going to let 6 jackasses ruin it for the rest of my students.