Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Buying a Car Part I... The Migrane Begins

Does is always have to be stressful? We, OK my wife spends two weeks with the internet sales manager at Desert Dodge in Las Vegas going over the perfect Dodge Caravan. We go in, custom order it and it's done right? Uh, no. My wife calls back and asks why she didn't see the stow and go seating and the power doors that open and the press of a button. Well, those only come on the Grand Caravan and those are about 10 grand more than the caravans for a new one.

Crud. Well, what about used ones? So this poor lady, Lilly spends the next week or so tramping though the car lot hunting down every used Grand Caravan to find what my wife wants. Easy right? Uh, no. This one has too many miles, that one does not have the dual zone climate control. Finally Lilly finds a Grand Caravan and a Town and Country that might do the trick. Each has an issue. The Town and Country costs too much and the Grand Caravan has a bench seat for the passengers rather than the captain's chairs she wants.

So we drop off the kids at the family a few doors down (forgetting to bring spare diapers for our two year old) and rush off to the dealer again to see her jewels, ummm minivans. We test drive both of them and my wife loves the Town and Country, it has the low miles the DVD, ran,t moan, bleh. But it's too much right? Well my wife has been scheming for two days to get the money for a down payment and she's got a plan... So we choose to get the Town and Country.

Stay Tuned for Part II